Backstage Theatre
  • Jun 07, 8:00 PM
  • Jun 12, 8:00 PM
50 minutes

Presented as part of RISER Edmonton 2022.
Written by Even Gilchrist.
Directed by Sarah J Culkin.

A trans man and his idealized cis self invite onlookers to a very brave thing on the best day, the most perfect day ever. A guided meditation, a group retreat, a paint night, whatever it takes — together, if they just erase the image there, remove a memory here, edit the names, refine the story, refine the story… maybe perfection will be attainable in the end after all.

Re:Construct is a personal, playful, and utterly irreverent interrogation into the perfect picture of masculinity.

NOMINEE: 2023 Sterling Awards – Outstanding New Play, Outstanding Independent Production

“Re:Construct is a playful, theatrical, very personal de:construction (a much-too sombre word for the fun of being in the audience) of gender … an unexpected show you shouldn’t miss.”
-Liz Nicholls,

“Reconstructing a gender, an identity, an entire life, is an unfathomable task. That local playwright Even Gilchrist has wrought a poignant and humorous work from such a challenge is testimony to his skills as an up-and-coming theatre artist in Edmonton.”
-Liane Faulder, Edmonton Journal

“Re:Construct was created back in 2018 for the Ottawa Fringe Festival. It was originally a series of love letters to a thirteen year old self, giving them back the grace and permission to question and love themselves at the same time. I’m excited to share a renewed version of this play for Edmonton, for new audiences, for fellow queer and trans folks, for people like me who need a reminder that we are allowed to love who we are now and who we were in retrospect. ”
-Even Gilchrist


Written/Produced by Even Gilchrist
Directed by Sarah J Culkin
Featuring Geoffrey Simon Brown and Émanuel Dubbeldam

Set/Costumes/Video: Even Gilchrist
Lighting: Whittyn Jason
Sound: Lindsey Walker
Stage Manager: Lindy Mullen
Production Manager: Frances Girard
Design Assistant: Andraya Diogo