Madness and Other Ghost Stories

60 minutes

Ghost stories told around a campfire. An exploration of mad-art creation in storytelling.

Venue: Mill Creek Ravine

Age Rating: 16+

July 4-7, 2024

Curated and directed by Philip Hackborn.

Madness and monster movies. A gathering of writers and storytellers around a campfire, focusing first on care over creating. The beginnings of an anthology horror series, exploring the hauntings of our hearts and minds in new ways both more responsible and compelling.

Content Warnings

Horror stories written around a focus of with madness, mental health concerns, the institution of mental healthcare, neurodivergence. Subject matter related to any or all of these topics may be mentioned specifically.

Contributing Writers
Levi Borejko, Sara Campos-Silvius, Althea Cunningham, Shyanne Duquette, Rhiannon Eldridge, Sophie Healey, Philip Hackborn, Josh Languedoc, and Calla Wright.