In My Own Little Corner

Backstage Theatre
  • Feb 22, 8:00 PM
  • Mar 01, 8:00 PM
90 minutes

Presented as part of RISER Edmonton 2023.
Written and performed by Carly Neis.
Directed by Sarah J Culkin.

You know that person? The one you just get, and who gets you? In this solo cabaret, Carly Neis explores the mess, beauty, grief, joy and care of an unexpected friendship stitched together by the love of music and a shared longing to be acknowledged as artists, creators, and “normal” humans.

Join Carly as she takes you into her world, embracing the systems of her disabled life, and deconstructing the ways we hold each other, even when the world continues to underestimate you.

Winner: 2023 Sterling Award – Outstanding New Play
Nominee: 2023 Sterling Award – Outstanding Independent Production

“I want to create a one-woman show that explores the empowerment that comes with embracing one’s disability and/or illness, all while finding your community and lifelong friends. I see this piece pushing societal boundaries by moving audiences to be inspired by my work rather than by my capability to thrive in an able-bodied world with a disabled body. What better way to demonstrate that than in a cabaret that embraces the unconventional musical numbers that celebrate using a wheelchair or the journey of illness and the hilarious stories that accompany them.”
-Carly Neis


Carly Neis Performer/Playwright
Sarah J. Culkin Director
Daniel Belland Music Director/Arranger/Chart Writing
Kristi Hansen Dramaturg/Producing Mentor
Rory Turner Lighting Designer
Lindsey Walker Sound Designer
Even Gilchrist Set/Costume Designer
Rebecca Cypher Set/Costume Design Assistant
Emily Faith Randall Stage Manager
D’orjay Jackson, Vance Avery Voice Actors

Interactive Media by Moment Discovery
Will Bauer Founder & Director
Pamela Anthony Director of Research and Operator
Conroy Badger Lead Engineer
Shannon Sears Chief Financial Officer
Kristi Hansen Engagement, Content Development
Mel Geary Production Developer
Jonah Badger Software Programmer and Operator
Meg Desjardins Market Research and Development Associate

Kat Evans RISER Edmonton Production Manager
Simon Wicks Lighting Operator
Kris Sinding Sound Operator
Ophira Calof Accessibility Consultant & Disability Dramaturg
D’orjay Jackson Personal Support Worker
Andrea Konowalec & Robyn Lavender ASL Interpreters
Carly Neis Producer
Lindy Mullen Associate Producer