Brick Shithouse

The Tesserae Factory
120 minutes

this is not your daddy’s fight club.

Age Rating: 18+

July 4-7, 2024 (with an extended run until July 14!)

Created by Ashleigh Hicks.

Influencers are millionaires and inflation is on the rise: so, seven best friends/worst enemies are anonymously livestreaming their fight club in a desperate attempt to keep up with rent. When their viewers start to demand more and more (and offering top-dollar to get what they want), each fighter must figure out where they draw the line. At risk of doxxing, death threats, and darkweb pervs, these seven must figure out how to band together before they tear each other apart.

Brick Shithouse is a fast, funny, unforgiving new work wrestling with questions of love, need, power, and consent – and how all that changes when there’s money on the table.

Viewable in-person at The Tesserae Factory or via a separate online experience.
NOTE:The online experience for Brick Shithouse is not a traditional livestream. Virtual viewers will not see the entirety of the production. The virtual experience features portions of the production as it runs live with unique ways to engage with the story and world of the show. (We’d tell you more, but we don’t want to spoil it.)

Content Warnings

Nudity, simulated violence, simulated sex, adult language, discussion of self-harm, substance abuse and alcoholism.

If you have particular subject sensitivities or access needs (sound, lighting, etc.) a detailed “know before you go” document will be available later with a breakdown of the content and staging to help audience members decide if and how they want to engage with this piece.

Creative Team
Written and produced by Ashleigh Hicks
Directed by Sarah J Culkin
Fight direction and intimacy direction by Sam Jeffery
Dramaturgy by Evan Medd
Production design by Even Gilchrist
Sound design by Kena León
Web design by Bradley King
Stage managed by Frances Bundy
Assistant Stage Manager Galen Hite
Design Assistant Andraya Diogo
Technical Director Liv Bunge

Mohamed Ahmed
Geoffrey Simon Brown
Alexandra Dawkins
Sophie May Healey
Jasmine Hopfe
Moses Kouyaté
Gabriel Richardson

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@fencelesstheatre on Instagram.

Special thanks:
Fenceless Theatre extends their thanks to the Edmonton Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts for their support of Brick Shithouse.