Music, Theatre
John Walter Museum
50 minutes with optional 20-minute post-show gathering

In this memory play about aging, reciprocity and care, 50-year-old “immigrant kid” Kris gives you a tour of her childhood home – the sights, sounds, smells – to meet her parents, while she takes inventory of ALL their stuff, trying to get to know them better in real time.

Age Rating: 12+

July 4-7, 2024

BANANA MUSIK. The name my Dad gave his original music, recorded on his 8track in our basement -that name, that spelling with a clean, precise, bamboo font from a mechanical pencil on the spine of dozens of cassette tapes neatly packed in a leatherette case.

BANANA MUSIK. A memory play about aging, reciprocity, care – a love letter to “adult-(immigrant) kids paying back parents who gave up everything”.

I’m digging into artful, relational challenges of making and performing a play with “non-performer” parents. A natural evolution of previous work (Burnt Sienna) they were part of, I continue circling concepts of identity, relationality, Filipino diaspora-immigrant experiences. This new play offers audiences space for kind conversation, deeper reflection, about how we are and aren’t relating to our older ones.

Stay post-show for an optional 20-minute hot bread and hot topics conversation!

Content Warnings

Some profanity.

Cast & Creative Team
Kris Alvarez l Jim & Susan Alvarez l Eric, Zoë & Iris James l Judy Wensel

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@krispalvarez on Instagram.