Original creations for unconventional spaces by artists at any stage of their career, with formal training or none, and of diverse identities, cultural backgrounds, and abilities.

Projects may be of any discipline: Theatre, poetry, music, dance, visual arts, literary, or all of the above!

All projects are encouraged to apply, however the following are being prioritized for curation in 2024:

  • Interactive installation projects;
  • Small-scale movement and performance projects (teams of 1-3 encouraged to apply);
  • Video and digital projects.

Selected projects will receive an artist fee, production support, mentorship, and Festival infrastructure support (marketing, box office, etc).

Tips for your application:

  • Projects that stand out are those that have clearly considered their work’s relationship to place, space, and audience. You don’t need to know the exact spot, but you should clearly identify the type of location your project needs and why it requires that particular type of venue.
  • Found space art comes with many unique technical challenges. We’re not expecting you to know exactly how to execute your project – we’re here to help with that! – identifying what you don’t know yet about how to make your project happen is just as helpful for us to understand how far you’ve thought out your concept.
  • Community impact is always at the top of our minds. We’re looking for projects that provide a one-of-a-kind experience for their audiences: we love to hear about what you expect your audience to see, hear, feel, touch, do, with your project and what support you need to make it possible.

Selected projects will receive an artist fee (typically ranging between $1,000-$4,000), production support, mentorship, and Festival infrastructure support (marketing, box office, etc). Selected artists who are eligible will receive hands-on support in submitting applications for the early 2024 Edmonton Arts Council project grant deadline.

Want to take a deeper dive on your found space practice? Check out the call for our Fresh AiR Artist-in-Residence!


DEADLINE: 11:59pm MST on Thursday, December 21, 2023.

There are a few ways to pitch your project for Found Festival. We’re not picky, we want you to pitch your project in any of the following ways that feels most comfortable for you!

Choose one of the following:

Application Form: Click here to submit an application form! Want to collaborate on your application or have some time to edit it? Click here for an editable worksheet before you head to the Google Form.

Email Pitch: Send an email to admin(at)commongroundarts.ca outlining:

  • A brief project description, including desired audience experience;
  • Your background as an artist/collective;
  • Desired venue(s)/location(s);
  • Potential community impact (how the project involves or effects the local community, any additional outreach activities you might want to engage with);
  • Potential technical/creative support you’d like to get it done;
    and anything else we should know!

Video Pitch: Create a brief video (3-5 minutes) outlining the above points and send it to admin@commongroundarts.ca. Don’t worry about any production – talk to your webcam for a couple of minutes and let us know what you’re thinking about!

Live Pitch: Contact Festival Director Whittyn Jason to schedule a Zoom or in-person meeting to pitch your show in conversation with the Festival producing team! Email Whittyn at whittynjason@commongroundarts.ca no later than December 3, 2023 to schedule a live pitch.

Questions? We love them. Contact Festival Director Whittyn Jason at whittynjason@commongroundarts.ca – we would love to assist you with your pitch.

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