CGAS RISER Found Festival


Night contains explicit scenes and discussion of:
  • Severe mental illness and anxiety
  • Allusion to addiction and relapse
  • Self-harm
  • Violence towards animals
  • Recurring images of blood and wounds
Major Matt Mason Collective and Common Ground Arts Society believe in transparent communication to ensure your personal safety as an audience member. If you wish to discuss any of this information in further detail, we are glad to provide more context. Reach out at
Major Matt Mason Collective’s Night
a drive-in theatre experience
by Geoffrey Simon Brown

Presented by Common Ground Arts Society, Edmonton
June 17–20 & 24–26, 2021 | 10 PM
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How do you keep your humanity when every instinct tells you to run free and howl at the moon? Night imagines a reality where human connection struggles against animal ferocity in the eyes of someone desperately seeking a way to feel at home with themselves.

This story of compulsive transformation, control versus wildness is told by solo performer Zoë Glassman, directed by Yousuf Liepert, designed by Elise CM Jason, and choreographed by Clarke Blair with an original soundscape by Liv McRobbie. Pull up to our secret performance location, set your radios to receive our audio transmission, and prepare to enter the darkness.

Night runs in Rundle Park June 17-20 and 24-26 at 10:00pm. Tickets are extremely limited.

Click here for tickets and information about how to access the show.

Night features material and scenes with graphic, unsettling, and emotionally intense content. This event is not recommended for audiences aged 16 and under, parental guidance is strongly encouraged. Click the “Content warning” drop-down near the top of the page for more information.


Playwright/Producer Geoffrey Simon Brown
Performer/Producer Zoë Glassman
Dramaturg/Producer Evan Medd
Director Yousuf Liepert
Stage Manager Elizabeth Page
Production Designer Elise CM Jason
Composer/Sound Designer Liv McRobbie
Choreographer Clarke Blair

About the Major Matt Mason Collective:
The Major Matt Mason Collective (MMMC) is a collection of interdisciplinary, Alberta-based artists presenting new, established, and collectively generated plays since 2010. Our mandate is to engage young audiences who haven’t had a strong relationship with the performing arts, to provide mentorship and development to young, up and coming artists, and to find innovative approaches to performance that make theatre an exciting and relevant experience. We tackle high-risk, socially charged projects, challenging our audience and ourselves to engage in dialogue on current social issues. | IG @majormattmasoncollective