Accessibility Information



Public Transportation

  • Busses 3 blocks away on Whyte Ave. LRT station 15 minute walk from grounds, or connecting busses from LRT station to whyte ave

Accessible Parking

  • Street parking with curb cut sidewalk surrounding grounds
  • Paid parking lot immediately next to grounds
  • Bike lock ups available on whyte ave, and most side street surrounding grounds, and next to the Strathcona library

Moving Around the Festival Site + Beer Gardens

  • Slightly uneven concrete + gravel within and around beer gardens
  • Uneven grass and dirt on site
  • 4’ entrance to Beer Gardens and 32” clearance between table rows.
  • Service table 3’ high

Washroom Access

  • Gender inclusive + Accessible indoor washrooms available on site



VENUE 1 | Ignite Counselling and Wellness

9915B 82 Ave

  • Non-wheelchair accessible. 15+ stairs up to venue
  • Performance in small space with many bodies
  • Single, gender inclusive washroom

VENUE 2 | River Valley

104 St – 105 St & Saskatchewan Drive, down into river valley

  • Allergy alert : Performance is outdoors in the forest. Pollen, mosquitos, bees, and other nature elements present
  • Uneven ground/trails. Possible muddy tracks.
  • 100 stairs to enter+exit river valley
  • On The Margin has ambient (street) noise
  • Nâsipewin will become loud at points in performance

VENUE 3 | End of Steel Park

8720 104 St

  • Somewhat wheelchair / walking aid accessible – smooth grass + paths with some uneven terrain. Curb cuts available
  • Limited eating available
  • Outdoor venue. Shaded, but open to inclement weather
  • Ambient (street) noise

VENUE 4 | ACE Coffee Roasters

10055 80 Ave

  • Wheelchair accessible with ramp
  • Gender inclusive single stall washrooms. Large but w/no handrail, sinks 2.5-3’ high
  • Seating will be available
  • Odour alert: strong smell of coffee

VENUE 5 | Rollie Miles Athletic Field

10357-10599 University Ave

  • Parking on north side of field (no curb cuts)
  • Bus : 52 + 54 stop near 76 Ave and 105 St
  • Shaded area, outdoors (bring bug spray, appropriate clothing), little ambient noise
  • Seating will be available
  • Directions: Closest entrance to park is at 76 Ave and 105 st, next to the Queen Alexandra Community League sign. Follow the red gravel path, which becomes the paved concrete path, all the way to the black + white mural on the north side of the bleachers

VENUE 6 | Next Act

8224 104 St

  • Small lip to enter building
  • Narrow pathways, non-wheelchair accessible
  • Booth and high-top seating available
  • Gendered washrooms, small space and narrow entry

VENUE 7 | Strathcona Spirits

10122 81 Ave

  • 10” inch lip into venue
  • Seating available
  • Liquor odor (whiskey, gin, and vodka) in venue
  • Large amounts of water used in show, slipping hazard upon exit
  • Performance in small space with many bodies
  • Content Warning : Live underwater escape act

VENUE 8 | Off’d On Whyte Venues

Venues attended by all audience members

  • South Side Memorial Hall: Wheelchair accessible, with seating available

4 out of 5 Venues attended by audience members

  • Old Strathcona Baptist Church: 6 stairs to enter venue, seating available
  • The Backstage Theatre: Seating available. Ambient (street and bar) noise in area.
  • The Alley Behind Meat: Uneven payment, curb cuts available nearby. Seating available upon request. Ambient (street) noise, and strong meat odour in alley.
  • El Cortez: Non-wheelchair accessible. Long, narrow staircase to enter venue, which will need to be climbed at end of show. Seating available.  
  • The Commercial Hotel: Non-wheelchair accessible. Three flights of stairs up to venue, no seating available. Slight smoke odour in hotel.